fitbit: 2010 Gadget Accessory of the Year – Pedometer on Steroids (it does so much more)

A true test of a gadget’s usefulness is whether or not you are are still using it months after first buying it. And, that is why the $99 fitbit personal activity tracker is my personal 2010 Gadget Accessory of the Year. I’m still using it every single day since buying it. Although it was first released in 2009, I didn’t buy one and use it for myself until this past May when I wrote:

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker Initial Impressions

The fitbit comes with a clip that lets you were it on a belt or some other clothing article all day long. A velcro wrist strap is provided if you are interested in monitoring your sleep habits and “efficiency”. A wireless hub attached to a PC or Mac via USB wirelessly collects data from the fitbit without any user intervention (translation: you don’t have to do anything). The hub also serves as a charger. I charge my fitbit once every three or four days.

You can compare your data to other fitbit users. And, you can join groups to compare data in terms of number of steps, distance, active score, and very active minutes.

I’ve been experiencing some date synching problems in the last couple of weeks. But, that has not affected my overall high regard for this mobile gadget.