First One Digital Publishing Launched Today

First One Digital Publishing, a new online e-commerce website with an eBook catalog, launched today. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Karen Hunter created the company to address the digital reading revolution.

To promote the launch, First One is running a national fiction-writing contest, called appropriately the First Once Contest, in hope of finding “the next great American novelist.” The winning writers will score a digital publishing deal with First One, which will include a global marketing campaign.

The first titles to launch on the digital press include: Good Cop, Bad Money by Glen Morisano; Is It Really Just A Dream by Dana Chandler; and Ask the Good Doctor: The Detox Edition by LaJoyce Brookshire.

First One is also distributing public domain titles as free eBooks, which include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Upcoming releases include Nigger by Dick Gregory, which is slated for a February 1st release. In addition, First One will release an eBook from Reverend Al Sharpton in the fall.