First ‘Official’ iPad Mini Accessories Now Showing Up Online

Apple’s press event is still a good 80 minutes away, but apparently some accessory makers cannot wait. Maclocks, the manufacturer of a line of security devices for Apple products, is pleased to show off their latest gadget.

Maclocks is now offering a $50 security cable for the iPad Mini. It’s your standard difficult-to-cut wire security cable and it plugs into, well, I’m not quite sure how it is attached to the iPad Mini (or how a similar product would attach to the iPad).

From the description of the product page it seems that first you must attach the other half of the lock. I do not see where that would go on my iPad or my fake iPad Mini, so my guess is that it is simply held on by some type of sticky pad.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much security that will provide. But if you have $50 to spend on a device we have not even seen yet, knock yourself out.

On a related note, a few weeks back Zagg accidentally listed a screen protector for the iPad Mini. That product page has since been removed, and so far as I know, the screen protector was never available.