Facebook Launches News Feed Filters – First Look

It’s been nearly two years since Facebook’s News Feed launched. Tonight, Facebook is turning on the first major change to the News Feed user experience: News Feed filters.

News Feed filters are tabs at the top of the News Feed that allow you to view stories of only one type. This is a great way to consume feed stories more efficiently.

Seen only briefly once before during Mark Zuckerberg’s f8 keynote presentation, the new feed filters are now live on the Facebook redesign beta site at www.new.facebook.com. Here’s what they look like:

Currently, the following Feed filters are available:

  • Top Stories (what the News Feed has always shown)
  • Status Updates
  • Photos
  • Posted Items

Each tab filters your friends’ stories as you would expect. Absent from the list of filters is the “All Stories” tab that Zuckerberg demo’d at f8 – he described that view as “a log of everything” your friends have done.

Also absent from the list of filters are Facebook Platform applications (collectively or individually). While some applications publish low quality stories that most friends would just assume never see, many applications actually publish interesting stories that their friends want to monitor. Many developers want to see more application discovery in the News Feed, and News Feed filters could be a great way for Facebook to give apps more air-time.