First Data Corporation Gets into Gifting on Facebook with eGift Social

With a background in gift card processing for over 250 top global brands, First Data Corporationis experimenting with a new real-world gifting app of its own on Facebook, eGift Social. The app is basically a way to buy your friends ice cream.

Users of the application have to register an account, and if they wish to actually purchase anything, provide a credit card as well. It is worth noting that a credit card is not part of the registration process, so users are able to check everything out before giving out any fiscal information.

Once in, eGift can connect to both the user’s Facebook and email accounts in order to add friends. It is a bit odd that it makes users type in the names rather than present a list like most other Facebook apps, but no matter. Odd as it may be, it is a bit cleaner should you have dozens or more friends as it will display applicable friend names as you are typing. Once a few friends are added to the app’s “buddy list,” it’s time to start making people happy.

As it stands, it is possible to send gifts from only one storefront: Cold Stone Creamery. It may be the only partner involved in eGift at this time, but there are still over 1,300 locations across the United States, and… it’s ice cream!

The gifting is all simple enough too. Simply select one (or many) gifts, and send them to the friend of your choosing. The credit card attached to the account will be charged and that user will get the gift instantaneously through either Facebook or email. Then they can take it to an actual brick and mortar local for redemption.