City Council Member Booted For Playing Farmville

A City Council member was voted off of his council last week because he ignored his chairman’s warnings and continued to play Farmville during meetings. This occured in the Plovdiv City Council in Bulgaria and has become a news fascination in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He defended himself by claiming that other people in the Council had higher levels than him.

The man, Dimitar Kerin, was part of the 51 person council of Plovdiv, which is the second largest city in Bulgaria. He would leverage the council’s new wireless connection and laptops to sit at the meetings and maintain his farm. The council chairman, Ilko Iliev caught him and warned him several times that the technology was not for games, but somehow the game kept reaching out to Kerin, who ignored all warnings.

Another member, Todor Hristov, got fed up with the warnings and the game playing and made a formal proposal to remove Kerin from the council, and in the proposal wrote that Kerin should be removed because he “needs more time for his virtual farm”, as reported by When it came time to vote, the score was 20-19, according to AOL Games who is also covering the story.

Kerin was adamant in his defense, saying that he was not the only one on Farmville in City Hall. He pointed out that a fellow councilman was at level 46 compared to Kerin’s own level 40, somehow assuming that this constituted a rational defense.

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