Finetune Music Player For Wii Brings 50 Cent And Kanye West to Your Living Room

Unfortunately the battle of the Hip-Hop big-boys is over with Kanye West triumph over the 50 Cent (I’m 50 Cent fan). And if you like these artists or any other music style/artists there is new way to listen to music using Wii. My absolute favorite music player Finetune (I use desktop version) have released their player optimized for Wii browser.

Finetune Wii music player

FinetuneWii player have kept the best features from older brothers (web and desktop versions) and you are able to listen to user created playlists, create them and also listen to different playlists dedicated to artists and tags. Finetine Wii player have also this nice album navigation which I and I think many users like so much. So question is – do you have Wii? Why you still don’t use Finetune Wii music player?

FinetuneWii player

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