Findery Launches Event Discovery, Storytelling App on Android

findery 650Location discovery platform Findery has launched on Android devices, following a successful launch on iOS in March 2014. The platform was founded by Caterina Fake, co-founder of Hunch and Flickr, and focuses on social storytelling and place discovery, as users learn about the world around them, or locations far away, via personal stories, “hidden histories” and local tips. Users can share their own experiences, notes and photos with the community, or simply browse those posted by others.

In Findery, users create an account and profile, and can browse the world map, viewing other locations users have tagged or posted notes on. These notes may be placed on everything from one’s childhood home to one’s place of work, or can be educational tidbits of history about the area. For intense, one could find a quick history of a local church or football stadium, or even something more casual, like tips about a local restaurant. In addition to simply browsing, users can search for locations manually.

Users can create their own notes in their current location, or drag a pin around the map to tag a location farther away. When creating a note, users can enter a title and brief description of the location, mark it with tags for easy discovery by others, and change its privacy setting. In this way, users can make notes “findable” by everyone, or only by chosen recipients (chosen users within the app). Notes can also be completely private. Finally, users can share these notes on “Notemaps,” curated collections of notes that all deal with a particular topic, theme or location. A popular set of notemaps deal with historical markers around the US, for instance.

If users find someone they’d like to follow, they can do so from that user’s profile, and will receive notifications when they have posted new notes.

“We’re cultivating contributors and community,” said Caterina Fake, founder and CEO of Findery, in a statement. “The world is a big place, and an endless source of wonder and discovery. Android, with its worldwide distribution, will grow our community of explorers.”

Findery is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The platform is also available on the web.