Find Live Wallpaper For Your Android Phone

One of the cool features of Android is live wallpaper. Phones that run Android 2.1 or newer support live wallpaper and ship with a number of them pre-installed on the phone. You might not want to continually run a live wallpaper because it will consume power, but I think they are a great way for showing off Android phones and they can just be fun to have. The challenge, of course, is to find new live wallpaper to install on your phone, and that is where comes in because it is a web site dedicated to Android live wallpaper.
The site lists the live wallpaper in thumbnail images, which you click to see more details about the wallpaper. The site includes video demonstrations of many of the live wallpaper, and download links redirect to If you are using AppBrain’s Fast Web Installer you can install the live wallpaper directly on your phone. While some of the wallpaper is free, many of them require a small fee. The site has several categories for different wallpaper, to make it easier to find wallpaper. I think that is very well organized and a great resource for Android users.