Financial Times Slashes Free Access, Links with PayPal

Financial Times is reinforcing the pay wall at, restricting free access to articles on the site only to users who enter it via Google, otherwise eliminating the one free article per month, which had originally been five, paidContent reported.

Unregistered users who access the site via Google will still have access to five free articles per month, according to paidContent, which added that also lowered the number of free articles for registered free users from 25 to 10. will also begin accepting payment via PayPal, paidContent reported, with publisher Rob Grimshaw telling paidContent:

We’re very keen to offer the maximum range of payment platforms. At the moment, it’s limited; you can only pay by credit card.

We’ve moved with PayPal first because it’s a great transaction platform and a great user experience. It’s the one that has the most potential to open up new markets for us. But there’s no reason we wouldn’t move on to other options, as well. We want to be in a situation where our users can pay with their credit card, via direct debit, through their mobile, with their Amazon account, PayPal, their Google account — there’s no downside to offering the maximum number of options.