Finally: Pole Dancing Gets Its Own Magazine

Title says dance is about 'female liberation'

By now you know that pole dancing, once relegated to seedy bars and strip clubs, has become the latest fitness craze. Maybe you’ve even taken a class or two (for the health benefits, of course). 

You probably didn’t know about pole dancing’s life-changing potential, though. Well, then, you might want to check out Vertical Art & Fitness Magazine, a new bimonthly publication about the “sport and performance of pole.”

Because, after all, pole dancing is more than just exotic dance. As the magazine reveals, through articles like "How the pole saved my life" and "Poling for charity," pole is nothing less than the path toward self-discovery and female liberation. 

"With the pole, we have the opportunity to create a perfect union of male and female energy by uniting our kickass bodies with our dynamic minds and expansive spirits," enthused editor-in-chief T.S. Valenzuela in an editor's note.

Vertical Art & Fitness is available online only for now; the plan is to have a print version available in 2012.