Finally, a True Digg Killer?

What would you get if you took the best features of Digg, LinkedIn and My Yahoo? The folks at social news newcomer Mixx hope they have the answer as they roll out in public beta today.Headed up by a former general manager at Yahoo! News and VP of strategy for USA Today, many Web 2.0 watchers are optimistic. However, few details have emerged about the startup, partly due to the fact that they are based in Virginia, hardly a hotbed for technology.

mixx.jpgAt its core, Mixx is a social network that allows users to set up a customized homepage that will automatically populate with stories that the site believes you will find of interest. What will make Mixx a bit different than Digg is that it will embrace niche publishers – something that most of the competition does not do. Expect more categories that will allow the little guy to get more traction. The thinking behind the concept is that smaller publishers will link back to Mixx, creating a win-win situation for both sides.

Users can take the Mixx experience a step further by creating or joining groups that revolve around current events – allowing them to better customize the news they will see.

Many newcomers have tried to unseat Digg with few – if any – truly making a dent. Another improvement on competitor’s previous models is Mixx’s addition of “karma points.” Submitting your own story is no longer good enough as Mixx rewards users for clicking, commenting and searching for stories other then your own.

Local stories can be directed to your customized homepage by entering your zip code.

Mixx’s tagline is “your blend of the Web.” We’ll keep an eye out to see how they fare.