Fiksu’s FreeMyApps platform launches for Android

After growing by 1,000 percent since launch in December 2011, Fiksu’s mobile app discovery platform FreeMyApps is now available for Android in beta.

The Boston-based user acquisition and marketing company said that FreeMyApps has more than 750,000 monthly active users downloading various apps. FreeMyApps will work seamlessly across both iOS and Android, allowing users to refer friends through social channels.

“Leveraging the buying power of the Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform and its unique machine learning algorithms, FreeMyApps is poised for success by helping developers target, convert and engage long-term value FreeMyApps users,” said Fiksu CEO Micah Adler in a statement.

Fiksu reported that FreeMyApps has formed partnerships with various developers and publishers, which includes 30 of the top 50 grossing game publishers, launching more than 120 titles on the platform in a year’s span.

FreeMyApps is a web-based portal where users can download paid apps for free if they try out free apps from other developers. After downloading and using free apps, users acquire virtual currency that can redeemed for iTunes or Google Play gift cards that can be used to get paid apps or gift cards for, Groupon, Fandango, Hulu Plus and more. Soon, users will be able to turn their virtual credits into a donation for various charities as well.

Users can start downloading free apps to acquire paid apps for free here. The final version is expected to launch “later in the month.” Fiksu also plans to launch an upgraded version of the platform in Q1 of 2013 by encouraging users to go deeper in apps or re-engage with existing apps, which may help publishers achiever deeper and higher engagement.