Fight the Boogeyman in Super Gem Heroes on Facebook

Image via iDream Interactive

Slot Universe developer iDream Interactive has joined the match-three puzzle genre on Facebook with the release of Super Gem Heroes. The game stars a young boy named Gem Boy, on a mission to retrieve his stolen toys from the evil Boogeyman. Players are joined by a superhero named Ruby-loo, who guides Gem Boy through each level, offering helpful tips along the way.

Super Gem Heroes is incredibly similar to the most popular match-three puzzle games on Facebook, including King’s Candy Crush Saga and Pet Heroes Saga. Each level in Super Gem Heroes asks players to earn a specific number of points, with most coming with a limited number of moves. Some levels may have secondary tasks, like clearing all of the “Boogey-Goo” from the board or earning as many points as possible in a limited amount of time, rather than moves.

Failing to complete a level’s goals results in the loss of a life, but lives recharge over time for continued play. They can also be purchased with real money or sent between friends for free.

Making matches of four or more like-colored symbols results in power-up squares, like those that clear whole rows or columns of gems at the same time. Additional power-ups can be activated manually, clearing one specific gem from the board, clearing a whole row, or every gem of a single color, as examples. A few of these items are earned for free, but more can be purchased with premium currency, and eventually real money.

Super Gem Heroes is undergoing a period of new growth on Facebook. The game has doubled in size over the last seven days, now sitting at just under 100,000 monthly active users, according to AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. The game has gained 45,000 users in the last seven days alone. Super Gem Heroes is now available to play for free on Facebook.