Fifty Fifty

Books are pretty much our favorite things (after design, of course silly!) in the world, so it was with great relish that we skimmed over the AIGA’s Top 50 books/50 covers of 2004. Yes, we realize that it’s 2005, but it takes a while to look at the pictures of 900 books, and they’re just ramping up to do an exhibition in September at the AIGA National Design Center in NYC. A couple of the winners–2×4, Chip Kidd, and Princeton Architectural Press–are hardly surprising, but some of the projects sound either so precious–Reflections on a Cardboard Box–or so terrifying–A Handbook of American Prayer–that we’re curious to pick them all up and go through each page with a fine-toothed visual critic comb. If we start now, we reckon we’ll be able to talk shop just in time for the party.