FIFA 14 goes free-to-play

Image via EA Sports
Image via EA Sports

While the tap and swipe controls of some sports mobile games seem forced to the point that you’re tapping and swiping seemingly for the sake of tapping and swiping, FIFA 14 producers hope to revolutionize the way you play with a touch control scheme that’s actually intuitive to the sport.

Thanks to the new controls, gamers will be able to simply tap on a player, then tap the spot on the field they want them positioned, enabling you to control your entire team while thinking of big picture strategy, and no longer just aimlessly running down the pitch as a singular athlete. In addition, it’s now a simple tap to pass or defend, and a swipe of the screen to shoot the ball.

But the control scheme isn’t the biggest FIFA 14 news to hit soccer fans, as EA Sports took to the Gamescom stage today to announce that their game will be the first in the franchise to go free-to-play.

It will also be the first FIFA mobile title to feature commentary in five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and German), and will even feature players spanning 30 licensed leagues with over 600 teams.

In addition, the EA Sports Football Club will include a new feature called Match Day, highlighted by the ability to reflect the real-world drama of injuries and suspensions into your everyday FIFA mobile experience.

FIFA 14 launches this September for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android.