Few People Paid Attention to the People Flying Around NYC

To promote the new film Chronicle, marketing firm ThinkModo rigged up three “custom-made aircraft” and flew them around New York City landmarks (above).

Gothamist notes that there wasn’t a lot of talk about any flying objects around the Brooklyn Bridge or Statue of Liberty recently, kind of strange in this post-9/11 world. But there has been some media coverage featuring the clip. ThinkModo, which describes itself as a “viral marketing company,” was responsible for the Times Square billboard hacking to promote Limitless and the “iPad head girl” stunt to promote Cosmo for Guys.

The firm based the idea on the movie’s main characters, who have the ability to fly. TechCrunch says, “I personally think it’s a ballsy, creative and unique advertising tactic, yet I struggle with wondering how a person would tie the two things together — the movie and the freaky sightings.”

We agree with that assessment. We only just saw the trailer last night and don’t recall anyone flying, though the movie poster does show three specks aloft. The teaser below doesn’t include it either. Hmm… The movie opens this weekend.