Female Outreach PAC Director Says Women Are Too ‘Busy’ to Worry About Equal Pay

We are thankfully not involved in Texas politics, but something tells us Wendy Davis probably won’t be the state’s next governor. Call it a gut feeling.

Assuming she does lose, she can’t blame it on Red State Women. Here’s Cari Christman, executive director of the political action committee created to promote conservative (read: Republican) candidates to female voters, trying to explain to a reporter why she doesn’t think the state needs any equal pay laws:

Kinda goes without saying that the group supports Davis’s opponent, attorney general Greg Abbot.

The Davis campaign is distributing this video to make a point today, but we share it primarily because it provides a great example of avoiding the question and mangling the message. Christman hits all the talking points about “job creation”, but she doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining why her group opposes the Texas version of the Lily Ledbetter Act, which would allow women to sue over unequal pay policies within 180 days of learning about those policies. (Previous law required suits to be filed 180 days after the job in question began).

The explanation involves some business owners’ desire to protect themselves against potential lawsuits, but we’re more concerned with her inability to answer a question.

Someone needs a media coach. May we suggest Sheryl Sandberg?

[H/T Huffington Post and Wendy Davis’ YouTube page]