FEMA Hires New Director of External Affairs; John “Pat” Philbin Responds to PRNewser


(FEMA’s staged press conference, October 2007)

Beginning 12/31, FEMA will have a new Director of External Affairs to replace John “Pat” Philbin, two months after the press conference scandal that cost Philbin a position at ODNI.

We again contacted Philbin for comment. Philbin wished Jonathan Thompson luck, and reiterated his feelings on the situation:

“The continued reference by the media to the FEMA press briefing as ‘staged’ is simply not accurate because it is not what I authorized or condoned, and this was affirmed in the DHS-led inquiry. Anyone who knows me will attest to how I do business. I understand the appearance that resulted; however, I was the person in charge of the staff–not the one who orchestrated it.

I would liken it to a CEO of an organization or captain of a ship who delegates authority but retains responsibility–often with devastating consequences. This is a fundamental tenet of leadership.”

Stay tuned for more on FEMA as we learn more from our sources.