Feeling Lucky?

Blackjack application screenshotI’m not a big application adder on Facebook but I have to tell you I’m loving Blackjack. At first I was annoyed because in order to get cash to play you have to harass your friends and send them invitations but got over it because Blackjack is awesome!

Here’s how it works. You send it out to 20 people and you get $200 ($10 for every invite) and then if they add the application you get $500 for a possible total of $10000 per day. I hate sending applications to friends because I know I don’t like getting them myself. Is it horrible of me that I sent it to people on my list I don’t like that much?

Anyway great application for Blackjack fans. You choose one of many tables with various buy-in amounts and then play with other facebookers. There’s also a chat feature so you can talk with the other players. During my first game there were some pretty “interesting” conversations going on. Quite off topic and fun.

There’s also a great set of instructions if you don’t know how to play.

All it’s really missing now is a way to make actual money. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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