Feedburner Testing Blog Networks

FeedBurner is now is testing new feature called “Networks”. According to Brad Feld this service is planned to launch in September but now you can see how it works as beta version on Venture Capital Network.


Basically “Networks” is s group of blog feeds that are mashed up and FeedBurner allows you to subscribe to one feed and get all content together. You don’t ned to subscribe to each feed separate and you get all content on similar topic in one place.

Benefits to subscribers:

  • It’s easy to find high quality relevant bloggers / feeds for a specific topic through the aggregation into a Network.
  • There will be a “micro-portal??? for each Network – you’ll be able to go to a landing page that lists all the members of the network, selectively subscribe to their feeds, or explore their blogs.
  • You’ll be able to subscribe to the spliced Network feed (for example, here is the spliced feed for the Venture Capital Network).

Benefits to publishers:

  • The “micro-portal??? will be another place for subscribers to find your blog / feed.
  • You will get new readers as a result of people that subscribe to the spliced feed (this will show up in your subscriber metrics.)
  • Advertisers will be able buy ads in the Network with higher quality advertising that is relevant to the readers of feeds in the Network.
  • You’ll have Network oriented publicity tools (think stuff like “Widget with the latest X headlines in the Network???, or the Banner that I have on the top left of my blog stating that I’m part of the network) which will help cross-promote feeds in the network.
  • You might make some new friends via your fellow Network members.

Seems to be a good feature and I want to see how it will be established and how it will work because there is very much problems around content quality control and Network content management.

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