Featured Facebook Campaigns: Make-A-Wish, TurboTax, IKEA, Orbit Gum and Sheets Energy Strips

Charity figured big in our list of featured Facebook campaigns this week, with the Make-A-Wish foundation telling us that up to 40% of their funding comes this month, and even other brands engaging in charity to spread the message on Facebook. TurboTax and IKEA both launched campaigns to promote their products,  but combined them with seasonal charity drives. Orbit Gum and Sheet Energy Strips went the way of user–generated content to grow their audiences, and promote their products.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

Make-A-Wish’s Season of Wishes Campaign

Goal: Page Growth, Charity, Engagement, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty

Method: The Make-A-Wish application, Season of Wishes, created by Bulbstorm allows users to Like, watch videos view photos read stories and share to the stream the stories of children who participated in the foundation’s program. The campaign also allows users to share their own stories, and runs from November 15 to December 31.

Core Mechanic: We spoke to Petri Darby, Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Strategy for Make-A-Wish and Bulbstorm CEO Bart Steiner about the campaign, which revolves around the stories of children who used their wishes to give to others. Darby told us that Bulbstorm custom designed and developed the app for the organization, bringing them from a more traditional tab–based form of marketing, to a more “comprehensive and engaging tool.”

The importance of this app cannot be underscored, given that this organization’s funding is largely provided during this time of year. About 40% of the organization’s funding comes in last few days of December, Darby told us. Yet, the organization’s strategy for obtaining these donations is not simply asking for them, he told us, but by using an app like Bulbstorm’s to create, “stronger relationships and engagement that we believe, ultimately, will lead to more donations, more volunteer support, to more referrals.”

“We look at social media as a channel for a dialogue and build relationships, and we believe content is the best way to achieve that,” Darby told us.

Impact: PageData notes that the Page, which currently stands at 316,700,  has seen steady growth during the period of the campaign, but nothing drastic.

TurboTax’s Gaming for Good

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Network Exposure, Engagement

Method: The Gaming for Good with TurboTax and Toys for Tots game allows users to both engage with the company’s product, while helping to donate a toy to a child.

Core Mechanic: The Like-gated app has three levels, in which users will match items that are tax deductible. Every time a user matches all of the items, they are told how much the items would cost as a tax deduction. Every time a user finishes one of the three rounds, they are asked to post their score to the feed, and on the final round they may either save their score or learn more about TurboTax’s products.

Impact: Thus far, about 6,200 toys have been donated (that is to say, the same number of users have completed three rounds of the game). And the Page currently boasts 158,100 Likes. PageData shows the Page has experienced recent surges of growth.

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