Featured Facebook Campaigns: John Deere, Flex Watches, JC Penney, Ann Taylor, Toyota, Visa and More

In this week’s look at the most interesting new campaigns running on Facebook, we interviewed marketing leaders from agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere about the company’s charity campaign. We also examined commerce campaigns from Flex Watches, Ann Taylor, and JC Penney. There was a fresh group of game integrations between brands and gaming companies, too, including the likes of Best Buy, Zynga, Toyota and Indycar.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

John Deere’s Project “Can Do”

Goal: Charity, Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure

Method: The app allows users to design their own virtual can of food as part of a bigger company effort to donate food.

Core Mechanic: The food donation campaign from John Deere is to construct a life-size version of a combine made of food cans. Users on the app can also watch a live stream if the construction, design their own virtual food can, meet a farmer and learn more about the combine. We spoke to Nicole Schneider, Project Manager and Richard Williamson, Project Manager with John Deere about the campaign for the role farmers and ranchers play in producing safe, healthy and abundant food for a growing world population.

They told us the primary goal of the campaign was to raise awareness “for the essential role farmers and ranchers play in producing safe, healthy and abundant food for a growing world population,” but that Page growth and engagement were also important. By allowing users to design their own food can and share it to the feed, users were helping the company donate one real can for every virtual can designed. The ultimate goal was to donate more than 300,000 cans to a food bank.

Impact: The Page currently stands at about 688,000 Likes and PageData points to steady growth both before and after this particular campaign launched.

Flex Watches’ TabJuice Store

Goal: Product Purchase, Network Exposure

Method: A new TabJuice store for Flex Watches recently launched where users may purchase, Recommend and tweet about watches.

Core Mechanic: The landing tab of the Page is Like-gated, but the store is a tab on the Page that is operated by TabJuice.

Impact: A case study provided by Elle Communications noted that in the first week of the store’s operation, more than $2,000 worth of merchandise was sold in 24 hours (the watches are about $30 a piece). At the time the Page had 11,000 Likes, now the Page stands at 17,400 Likes; PageData notes a recent spike in growth on the Page.

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