Featured Facebook Campaigns: Innocent Drinks, Grand Marnier, Clarins, Walgreens, Target and More

Games, charity, in-store marketing and giveaways characterized our campaigns this week. Innocent Drinks and Hastsune Miku Fashions created branded games, Target and Walgreens offered users deals and value, Grand Marnier harnessed the holiday season with a charity app and Clarins is giving away a spa weekend. Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

Innocent Drinks’ Fruit Picker Game

Goal: Page Growth, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty

Method: Innocent Drinks’ Fruit Picker Game involves users in trying to gather the fruit to make the juice for the company. Playing the game generates a ticker story and scores may be published to the feed.

Core Mechanic: The game is tightly wound into the idea that Innocent Drinks is a fun, simple, healthy product. Users must play a simple, fun game to help pickers deliver the fruit for the juice. Users then my collect badges to share with friends on Facebook and may win prizes, such as an iPad 2.

Impact: The Page has 209,000 Likes and PageData shows relatively steady growth.

Clarins’ Spa Life Photo Contest

Goal: Engagement, Page Growth, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty

Method: Clarins created a game, Spa Life, where users build their own virtual spa, and then enter to win a spa trip by submitting a photo of their spa created within the game.

Core Mechanic: Users play the Spa Life game, then take a photo of their spa from within the game, then upload that to the contest page. By getting others users to vote on their photo, users may win the spa getaway. The photo with the most votes wins.

Impact: The Clarins Page has 137,900 Likes with steady growth, according to PageData. The promotion is very involved, tightly branded and allows for good opportunities for network exposure, since users have to share to win.

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