Featured Facebook Campaigns: CVS, Sony Ericsson, Southwest Airlines, NBC Sports and Miami Dolphins

As part of our expanding coverage of Facebook marketing this will be the first in a regular series of posts examining Facebook Page campaigns. This week we take a look at seven different campaigns selling things as diverse as jewelry, football fandom, phones, airline tickets and candy that use a variety of methods to attempt to attract new Likes to their Pages.

Southwest Airlines and Make-A-Wish Foundation

Goal: Exposure to the networks of users

Core Mechanic: Places Check-Ins for Charity through Facebook Deals

Method: Southwest Airlines donates $1 to Make-A-Wish Foundation for each check-in to an airport served by Southwest. These check-ins are published to the stream, exposing Southwest and Make-A-Wish to a user’s network, increasing awareness, and generating good will towards Southwest for it’s donations.

Impact: According to our PageData service, Southwest’s fan count was about 991,200 when this promotion started on November 26; now it’s about 1.2 million.

Sony Ericsson

Goal: Exposure to the networks of users; Page growth

Core Mechanic: The creation of an avatar that publishes to a photo album and the stream and the promise of prizes

Method: Sony Ericsson’s Mini Magic campaign allows users to create miniature avatars of themselves — down to the type of jewelry they wear — publishes these to the stream and creates a photo album for these images and allows users to enter a contest to win company prizes.

Impact: According to our PageData service, Sony Ericsson’s Page has grown from 2.6 million Likes on November 26 to just over 3 million currently.

You can find more listings coming today in the The Facebook Marketing Bible. Check it out to see other new campaigns featured this week, including an engagement campaign by The Jelly Bean Factory, a campaign to increase foot traffic to CVS convenience stores, and a sweepstakes by jewelry maker Ritani.

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