FBLA 20 Questions: Paul Krassner


Investigative satirist Paul Krassner dropped acid with Groucho, founded the Yippies with Abbie, and is in the Counterculture Hall of Fame. He also writes for High Times, Huffington Post, and is in hot demand as a standup comic. He writes:

Just returned from the Austin Film Festival which opened with a screening of “Chicago 10” followed by a Q. & A., during which I pretended the vibrator in my cell phone went off, I took it out of my pocket and said hello, then said to the audience, “It’s Rudy Guliani’s wife.” I couldn’t resist the impulse.

Krassner couldn’t resist our entrities, and answered those 20 innocent questions that have been the downfall of so many.

1. What’s the first thing(s) you read in the morning? LA Times

2. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure website? NY Post gossip

3. What job do you fantasize about having? Radio talkshow

4. Last movie you saw? The Lives of Others

5. Last book you read? Deer Hunting with Jesus

6. Best show legendary biz/movie star encounter. Kaye Ballard

7. Proudest media moment? Feminist Party Media Workshop Award

8. Ever had a brush with the law? Describe. Sued for libel; acquitted on basis of truth as defense.

9. If you got a unicorn what would you name it? Yuni

10. What does your TiVo think about you? Disappointed that I returned it.

11. Character of fiction you most resemble? Holden Caulfield

12. Who plays you in your bio-pic?Sean Penn

13. What’s your ringtone? The one that came with the cellphone.

14. Favorite electronic device? Computer

15. What do your friends say is your best quality? sense of humor.

16. What do your enemies say is your worst? Sense of humor.

17.What natural talent do you wish you had? Dancing

18. What’s your theme song? More

19. Do you believe in love at first sight? Sure, also delusion at first sight.

20. When’s the last time you volunteered? Where? To bring a wounded bird to rehab.

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