FBI agent who busted Pellicano is a licensed P.I., too.

Esquire and NYT contributor Ross Johnson continues to make waves on the Anthony J. Pellicano case this week, with another interesting post on LAIndie.com about the G-men who busted the crooked P.I.

Per Johnson’s ‘Magnum’-sized scoop,

“‘Pellicano-gate’ lead investigator
Stanley E. Ornellas is also a licensed private detective.”

It’s a surprising revelation, but the final effect it will have on the trial is far from clear. Within our own LAPD, the practice is currently allowed, but at least one member of the Los Angeles City CouncilJack Weiss – wants to ban the practice.

For his part, Ornellas says he’s never worked as a P.I., only been licensed as one. But he’s been licensed for the last six years? Odd.