Favorite Authors, No eBooks: The List Begins

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Yesterday we asked you to tell us which of your favorite authors don’t currently have eBook versions of their books. A few people wrote in, but, like a teacher in a quiet class, it seems like we need to ask again. We want to create a list of authors without eBooks so we can apply some big pressure to the book industry to bring us the eBooks we want. So, please respond in the comments with some of your favorite authors without eBooks.

In the meantime, here’s the list as it stands after day 1. One reader suggested John Fante, a fiction writer whose career was resurrected by the enthusiasm of barfly poet Charles Bukowski. He’s got a huge back catalog of books, and it turns out two of them are available as eBooks, but the rest are missing–and Fante’s catalog was sold to Ecco when Black Sparrow Press, the original publisher of Fante and Bukowski, closed its doors.

Another reader suggested a handful of romance and mystery titles. It’s odd, too, that there aren’t eBooks of these–genre fiction titles have been among the most successful eBooks given readers’ voracious appetite for more and more books.

The craziest omission from eBookdom submitted so far is J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter books ain’t available as eBooks. Ugh.

Click after the break for the list as of this morning, and please write in with more authors.

Favorite Authors, No eBooks: The List, 3/26/10


Roberto Bolano
Elizabeth Cosin
John Fante (except for two well-know books)
Kaye C. Hill
Virginia Lanier
John Levitt
Kay Mitchell
Carol O’Connell
Kenziburo Oe (except the most recent book)
Sandra West Prowell
J.K. Rowling
Barbara Seranella
W.G. Sebald
Donald Westlake