Father’s Day Ideas And Deals On Twitter

Did you buy your gift for the Dad’s in your life yet? For shame!

Don’t worry, Mr. or Mrs. Last Minute, we’ve got you covered, with ideas, contests and deals that will make it seem like you spent months planning.

If you haven’t been following the #Father’s Day hashtag tweets, you should really check them out. There are some great ideas and offers being shared by social media savvy marketers.

Stumped and have NO idea what to get for the Dad who has everything? This post links to a Pinterest board with a few interesting ideas (click it):


Maybe you want to take Dad out on an activity somewhere? There are lots of location-specific places offering ideas, like Boston Moms below (click the image to go to their Twitter stream):


Or maybe you’re feeling lucky and want to take the contest route? You’ve got nothing to lose at this point, right? There are contests galore on Twitter all the time, but especially during holidays. Here are a couple you may like (again, click to visit pages):


Or maybe you’ve made a vow with your significant other to not ‘buy in’ to these retail-hyped holidays, but still want to do something. Here’s an account offering ideas for the most anti-materialistic or budget restricted gift giver (if you need to be told to click at this point, I give up):

So what do you think? Have you found any other great Father’s Day deals or ideas on Twitter? If so, please share them in the comments!

(Happy family image from Shutterstock)