FarmVille Becomes iOS’ Second Highest-Grossing App on Farm Cash Sale

Is Zynga starting to get mobile right? While the company has long dominated the Facebook platform, it hasn’t found the same level of success on iOS. FarmVille’s iOS app has been hovering between 30th and 50th place on the top grossing charts, while other mobile-focused developers like Playforge, Capcom’s mobile division and TeamLava have built more lucrative sim titles around farming or city building.

But yesterday Farmville raced up the charts to the second spot, the highest its ever been.

Why? It appears that a 40 percent off Farm Cash sale to promote the FarmVille English Countryside expansion has pushed the mobile app all the way up from 43rd place in the U.S. three days ago. English Countryside is a Zynga extension of the FarmVille game. In the game, a fictional character called the “Duke,” crash lands his airship into each player’s farm, taking them with him to England to repair his family farm. Players level 20 or above will be able to start a second farm in the U.K.

So this surge seems independent of anything the company has done specifically with the mobile app. The most recent update was a few weeks ago and it had minor touches like improvements to speed and accessibility, in addition to the ability to send gifts to all friends playing FarmVille, not just those on iOS devices.