Farm Heroes Saga takes the top spot for second week in a row in fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

King’s Farm Heroes Saga is this week’s fastest-growing Facebook game by monthly active user, bringing in 5.2 million monthly active users (MAU) for a 81 percent gain.

ShineZone’s Dessert Shop took the No. 2 spot, up 113 percent with 1.29 million MAU. Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case dropped from the No. 2 sport last week to the No. 3 spot with 1.2 million MAU for a 7 percent gain, amounting to an estimated total of 15.8 million MAU. Zynga Slots came in at the No. 4 spot with 1.3 million MAU, up 6 percent. Finally, Social Point’s Dragon City closes out our top five fastest growing Facebook games by MAU with 951,859 new players for a 4 percent gain.

There were three more notable gainers this week that showed growth greater than 50 percent. Qublix’s Solitaire Tales at the No. 7 spot grew by 100,000 MAU for a 67 percent gain. At the No. 8 spot RoyalCactus’ Jelly Glutton brought in 460,753 MAU for a 54 percent gain. War of Mercenaries from Peak Games came in at the No. 17 spot with 221,093 MAU for a 76 percent gain.


1.  Farm Heroes Saga10,943,750+5,233,811xxxxx+ 81%
2.  Dessert Shop10,000+1,298,520+ 113%
3.  Criminal Case15,862,500+1,215,787+ 7%
4.  Zynga Slots5,618,750+1,131,302+ 6%
5.  Dragon City23,343,750+951,849+ 4%
6.  Ruby Blast Adventuresxxxxxxx4,356,250+542,906+ 10%
7.  Solitaire Tales100,000+460,753+ 67%
8.  Jelly Glutton476,331+409,747+ 54%
9.  Social Empires7,050,000+371,127+ 4%
10.  Pengle6,225,000+350,207+ 5%
11.  SongPop8,950,000+342,822+ 4%
12.  Words of Wonder430,000+311,598+ 13%
13.  Jewel Epic1,487,500+306,589+ 16%
14.  Angry Birds Friends9,781,250+286,827+ 3%
15.  I AM PLAYR1,300,000+268,389+ 17%
16.  Pyramid Solitaire Saga6,250,000+245,007+ 4%
17.  War of Mercenaries221,875+221,093+ 76%
18.  Hoop De Loop Saga4,587,500+212,053+ 4%
19.  Pearl’s Peril4,237,500+199,135+ 4%
20.  Pool Plus270,000+180,414+ 46%


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataCome back for our look at the fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users on Wednesday and top emerging apps on Friday. You can learn more about Facebook’s new ranking system here.

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