Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Receives Major ‘Star Trek’ Event

The limited time event will see players protecting baby Stewie from the Borg while interacting with iconic characters from the franchise.

Family Guy Star Trek

TinyCo, Fox Digital Entertainment and CBS Interactive have announced a limited time content update in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, bringing the world of Star Trek to Quahog. From now until April 30, players will race to save humanity after the USS Enterprise and its crew travel back in time to protect baby Stewie, whose future self creates a technology which threatens the Borg’s existence.

In this update, players will repair the Enterprise after it takes heavy damage from the Borg, and will explore multiple areas of the ship’s interior, from the Bridge and Holodeck to the Sickbay, Engineering and more. As players complete quests, they’ll meet and unlock various crew members from Star Trek: The Next Generation, including Picard, Data, Worf, Geordi and more, with voices from the actors of the original television series.

As part of this update, gamers can send teams away on missions to other planets, gathering resources and rewards in the process. Back on the Enterprise, players use photon torpedoes to blast enemies and debris into deep space. This event will also see players fighting against Tribbles, which are trying to take over Quahog’s communities, and includes opportunities to meet additional characters from the Star Trek universe, including Captain Kirk.

This isn’t the first major crossover to come to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. For example, a 2014 Halloween event brought the world of Ghostbusters to the game. Later in the event, horror villains Freddy and Jason also made appearances.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.