‘Fake Steve Jobs’ Secret Identity Is So Busted

The author of the wildly popular Fake Steve Jobs blog has been unmasked. FSJ is really Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes. Reporter Brad Stone at the Times is the man responsible for uncovering his identity.

As for the blog, it’s a rambling, endlessly snarky pisstake on both Steve Jobs and Silicon Valley/Alley c. 2007. This recent “Ask The Reader” captures FSJ’s zeitgeist damn well. Of course, this means that our original guess of FSJ being Nick Denton was off the mark.

Next up for Lyons/Fake Steve Jobs:

  • Answering up to the vicious personal attacks on Larry Ellison, Steve Ballmer and others that were made through his blog.
  • “Fake Steve Jobs” will be a regular column at Forbes “shortly.”
  • Promoting his upcoming book, “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody.” According to the Times, it’s “a well-plotted satire that imagines Apple’s chief executive grappling with his real-life stock option backdating troubles and getting help, and bad advice, from friends like Larry Ellison, Bono and Al Gore.”

    Neal Ungerleider