Fake Apple Tablets on Twitter

here at eBookNewser, we spend a lot of time chasing Apple Tablet Rumors. Today, we ended up chasing some bogus rumors as well. Publishing reporter Sarah Weinman started Twitter trend: creating about Fake Apple Tablet rumors. She suggested the first imaginary function: “it will clean my house, do my taxes and feed the dog.”

Brett Sandusky took a sci-fi approach to the mythical device: ” It will go back in time & [shut up] about itself before its own launch so we don’t have to hear all the rumors.”

Lydia Ondrusek continued the time travel theme: “When it goes back in time, it will replace the iTouch, thus, ironically, becoming an iPhone killer.”

LibraryThing speculated: “Fake Apple Tablet will [make] going to the library entirely [obsolete] by creating a dimensional wormhole to the check-out counter.”

Steve Huff wrote: “The Apple Tablet will finally render the Roomba obsolete.”

Add your own rumors or read more at the hashtag: #fakeappletablet