fbFund Review: Faith Feed

-Faith Feed Application Logo-Faith Feed, one of the Facebook applications competing in the current fbFund round, does exactly what its name implies. A status updating tool geared towards Christians, Faith Feed is quite similar to Twitter though it resides in Facebook and enables you to communicate directly with your friends. Similar to Twitter, you can post “what you’re doing” on your spiritual journey. You can also follow friends, reply to their status updates, and see what’s going on with the entire Faith Feed community.

The idea here is to lend your Christian support for others of the same faith, while also reaching out to others, seeking help and sharing their ongoing experiences. The tool is ideal for sending out prayer requests and communicating with a group of fellow supporters. I have family members that use Facebook groups and messages for similar purposes, but would likely find Faith Feed’s format easier to use.

The added benefit of using a service such as Faith Feed on the Facebook network as opposed to using Twitter is that you’ve already got an established set of friends that are likely to be those you’d like to share a Christian-centric status update service. Perhaps such niche applications and special interest groups are good examples of how an acquisition of Twitter could work for Facebook.

Go check out the Faith Feed application and if you like it be sure to vote for the application.