Faith-Based Social Community Godkut Launches

godkutAre all those provocative photos posted on MySpace and Facebook one big sin? I’ll leave that up to you and your moral conscience to figure out. I guess God didn’t want to wait for you to make a decision so he has “created” a faith-based community Web site for the religiously-inclined, Godkut.

Timing is everything, as the site launches several days after Christmas.

While taboo talking points on many social communities, conversations about faith, spirituality and religion are encouraged on Godkut. God takes center stage and those photos from Beerfest ’07 take a backseat. The site also welcomes atheists and agnostics who are willing to debate in a “non-offensive” manner.

The social community aspects are the run of the mill type items: blogs, forums, chat rooms and sharing media. There is also one-click video recording that allows you to save the file directly to your profile. Get that sermon ready!

Godkut is taking on similar Web sites such as MyChurch and Youthroots. We wish Godkut luck. Actually, they might not need it if God is on their side.

Website discovered on Mashable.