Fair Frenzy: Pop Balloons for High Scores on Facebook

fair frenzy 650Brightly Games’ Fair Frenzy allows players to “pop [their] way to the top” on Facebook, completing match-three levels at the local carnival. In each level, players will have multiple goals to complete by swapping the locations of two balloons to create lines of three or more matching symbols, horizontally or vertically.

Each level has a different layout of balloons, a move limit and a different major goal. One may simply ask players to earn a required number of points, while another asks users to clear marshmallows from the screen by popping balloons on top of them. A third level type asks players to pop a certain number of one kind of balloon, and so on.

In addition to any secondary goals, players are required to earn at least one of each level’s three possible stars by earning points. Users can compare their scores with their friends on level-specific leaderboards.fair frenzy 650 2As players make matches with four-or-more like symbols, or in special L or T shapes, power-up balloons are added to the board. These are capable of clearing whole rows or columns of balloons from the screen, or a cluster of nine balloons in a square. Swapping two of these power balloons can create a larger explosion, which may result in a large score boost towards the next star, where applicable.

In addition to these user-created power-ups, players can also purchase extra boosts, like a dart capable of popping a single balloon, or an instant toffee apple, which clears all balloons of a single kind from the screen (this is also the power-up formed when making a match of five balloons in a line). Some powers must be purchased before a level begins, while others are available in the middle of stages.

Fair Frenzy is available to play for free on Facebook. The game launched on iOS on September 4, and is also available on Google Play.