Failed Apple Predictions From 2012

As reports circulate that Apple is letting developers test drive a new Apple operating system (iOS 7) and that the new iPhone will come in many colors, Satya Jeet‘ Geniusses blog points out that Apple rumors are not always true.

In fact, there were plenty of rumors that got a lot of attention in 2012 but never came to fruition last year. For example, the new iPhone was rumored to have a 4.6 inch display, but it actually kept the 4 inch display, the company made the display taller and higher resolution.

Jeet has created a list of  Apple rumors that didn’t come true in 2012. For example, here are some rumors about the new iPad that didn’t pan out.

Apple Will Unveil Two New iPads in January 2012 — This report, from December 2011, missed the release date and the number of iPads Apple unveiled. Otherwise, it was totally correct. 
Rumor source: Digitimes, December 2011

Report claims Asian suppliers scramble to meet special iPad 3 launch date: Jobs’ Feb. 24 birthday anniversary — Either they didn’t scramble fast enough, or this rumor was bunk. (The third-generation iPad was released in March.) 
Rumor source: Focus Taiwan, November 2011