FaceSpace: Users Fight Back?

While the majority of the world basically loves the Facebook app platform, whether due to hype-blinding or no, a growing number of users (perhaps necessitated simply statistically) are disgruntled. At least two well-attended groups (here and here) have been created in opposition to the free creation and proliferation of apps, due to a fear that Facebook will turn into the garish mish-mash of design and functionality that is Myspace.

One group has even taken to writing “Anti-Reviews” of the most despised (most Myspace-like) apps, humorously pointing out the (from the perspective of the writer) childish ways in which the apps are generally being used. Top Friends, as you’d imagine, gets roundly chided, for, as it appears, nothing more than being a Myspace feature ported to Faceboook.

Users who feel this strongly about such apps are undoubtedly a majority, and this counter-platform movement is certainly not going to have any long-lasting traction. However, it is interesting to note that here is yet another example of the power Facebook is giving third-party developers in the form of their platform–now their good name is being tarnished (in the eyes of however few) because someone else has decided to add an application they don’t like. The user experience is indeed different, even for one who doesn’t install any apps–their friends might choose to do “horrible” things to their profile.

Facebook is (I think rightly) betting that the benefit will outweigh this potential negative.