Facepad Ranks 15th In App Store, While Facebook Still Isn't On The iPad

Facebook still doesn't have an iPad application, while a third-party app that acts in that capacity, Facepad, ranks number 15 in Apple's App Store just a week after launching.

Two months have passed since Mark Zuckerberg’s quip that he doesn’t consider the iPad mobile, yet Facebook still doesn’t have an application specifically optimized for the device, while a third-party app that acts in that capacity, Facepad, now ranks 15 in Apple’s App Store just one week after its launch.

Facepad’s creator Loytr is already working on a second version of the software. Many compare the application to Twitter’s pared down design. TechCrunch calls the software “a reskinned version of touch.facebook.com,” which like its name suggests is a version of the social network optimized for touchscreens available for download from the Internet.

The touch.facebook application also forms the core of Oecoway Inc.’s Friendly, another Facebook application for the iPad that is enjoying success in the App Store. Version 3 of the software first came out in the midle of the month.

The iPad itself has been available for nine months, which in technology time is like an entire generation. By now it’s starting to look like perhaps Facebook will leave software for that platform to the third-party developers that have already made great strides in that direction.

That’s consistent with what Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Bret Taylor had told us in early November, that the Safari browser on the iPad already does a fine job of accessing the social network. He’d said this after the company’s announcement of software optimized for the Android.

Readers, do you think Facebook will come out with a specialized version of its software for the iPad or will the social network continue to leave that platform to third-party developers?