FaceForce Integrates Facebook and Salesforce


Do you still think that LinkedIn is the leader in business networking? Think again! Clara Shih has helped to created an extremely useful Salesforce add-on that helps you to integrate your Facebook account in to Salesforce. When you create a contact you can view all of their Facebook profile information. Additionally, when you are managing an account you can visually see all of the individuals that are related to that account.

As a heavy user of Salesforce I know how important it can be to have access to personal data when you are calling a lead that you don’t remember talking to or need a reminder about. The integration of Salesforce and Facebook though is monumental as far as I’m concerned. It further illustrates that the business community is rapidly viewing Facebook as a better choice for maintaining professional relationships as well as personal ones.

I personally think that the best part of this is being able to visualize the people. It makes it much more personal rather than just visualizing text which makes the entire communication process much less significant. Great job with the application Clara! If you want to learn more about it you can check out the Faceforce website.