Facebook’s Message About Email Address Changes Didn’t Reach Users

Lots of people are pretty ticked off that Facebook went ahead and changed the email address on individual accounts to an @facebook.com address. However, the company says people were told this was going to happen way back in April.

Users can change the email address to a preferred one, or omit that detail all together. Tech sites have been writing stories helping users to do just that.

“The firestorm over a relatively minor change to user profiles illustrates the palpable influence of Facebook on its audience of more than 900 million users,” writes The Wall Street Journal.It also demonstrates the fine line Facebook must walk as a high-profile—and now public—company likely to absorb criticism as it updates its services and aims for an even broader sphere of influence on the Web.”

PC Magazine also offers a few tips. And, in its article, it also spells out the problem with making changes and then telling users they can change things back to the way they were. The comments seem more directed at Facebook than users:

“The problem, as most of us know, is if you haven’t opted into the new feature, service, or change, it blindsides you when it arrives. You haven’t had time to read up on what it means or how it will change your Facebook account. You don’t know what’s private and what’s exposed.”

Facebook is a social network, so it could’ve done a better job of reaching people with this news after April. Let people know what’s up or they’ll let you know they’re annoyed.

[image: AP]