Facebook's Exploding Server Count

This afternoon Rich Miller of DataCenterKnowledge posted an update from Tom Cook’s presentation at the Velocity conference last week which illustrates Facebook’s ongoing thirst for data storage and processing power. While Cook didn’t present any numbers, Rich Miller is estimating that the server count has most likely surpassed 60,000 servers at this point. I’m also proud to announce that our sites (AllFacebook & SocialTimes) are powered by a massive number of servers: 4.

So what are all these Facebook servers being used for? One can assume that an increase in video usage as well as the continued growth of Facebook’s massive photos application is what demands much of this infrastructure. Then again, storing files alone doesn’t compare in its technical challenges to what storing 500 million users’ data requires. With Facebook building a server farm in Oregon, there’s a good chance that the number of servers will increase dramatically once the farm is opened.

When will that server farm open? One report has suggested that it could be up in as short as six months from now, although the exact date is not currently concrete. For now, all we have is the chart below which illustrates the massive server growth that Facebook is currently experiencing.

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