Facebook's 2010 Revenue And IPO Details "Revealed"

Bloomberg has published a story suggesting that Facebook shareholders shouldn’t expect an IPO from Facebook any time soon. In fact, they should wait until 2012, when Facebook is more likely to go public. The public offering, which many in the media have been actively anticipating, has continuously been delayed as Mark Zuckerberg has felt no need to go public in the immediate future. The revelation, which was published earlier this morning, is not exactly much of a revelation.

Additionally, the article suggested that revenue “may double” to at least $1.4 billion. The “shocking” news, wasn’t really much of a shock, especially since it wasn’t a confident assertion. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he believes that the company still requires an executive that is product focused, not one who is focused on dealing with public shareholders, something that will be the case once the company goes public.
Running a public company, especially one which is regularly scrutinized for privacy issues among other things, is a different job that building an extremely popular product. As the Bloomberg article states, it allows Zuckerberg to “hone the skills needed to steer a company that issues quarterly results while facing criticism on such matters as user privacy”. Whether or not Zuckerberg is interested in running a public company is unknown, however for the time being, it’s pretty clear that he’d prefer to keep things private, as there are many benefits that come with the existing structure.
Despite ongoing delays, Facebook’s valuation in the private market continues to soar. Right now, the company is worth close to $25 billion, based on the latest transactions, and that could continue to grow over the next 12 months as Facebook ramps up revenue. In the mean time, Facebook continues their persistent focus on growth, aiming to reach the 1 billion user milestone.