Facebook Welcomes Social Game Hello Adventure From Free Lunch Design

Action-adventure Hello Adventure is the latest Facebook offering from Free Lunch Design. The game is reminiscent of dungeon crawlers such as Diablo and Torchlight, with mechanics specifically targeted toward casual players.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Hello Adventure currently has 156,196 monthly active users and 8,325 daily active users.

Players are cast as a young adventurer out to defeat monsters, find treasure and gain experience. The game is divided into dozens of levels spread across seven sections of a world map. Later levels can only be accessed once a player has reached a certain level and recruited a certain number of friends as in-game neighbors. Within these levels, players explore and battle enemies by clicking on them. Once defeated, the enemies leave behind copious amounts of loot — gold, experience points, items and abilities that change the combat dynamic (e.g. adding ranged attacks).

A secondary gameplay objective involves maintaining a “camp” by adding structures to the site. Building materials (here called “bricks”) are earned in combat. From the camp screen and with the proper structures built, the player can craft items to use in combat. For example, players can craft a bomb that will damage multiple enemies at once from a distance.

There are a wide variety of weapons, clothing and items to buy or find, many of which can only be acquired after reaching a certain experience level or purchasing them using premium currency. Players are also able to spin a wheel and make it stop on a prize at the end of each level. Once completed, players can opt to stay in the levels to search for hidden loot, or return to them later to do the same. In addition to the basic gameplay of clearing out levels of enemies, the game presents players with a variety of challenges, such as tracking down specific items or defeating certain unique enemies.

Social features include Wall posts, gifting items, and gifting construction items. It’s also possible to share certain items, such as gold and experience points, as players level up.

Hello Adventure is monetized primarily through the sale of premium items available for purchase only with Facebook Credits. Most items in the game’s shop can be bought both with the soft currency earned in combat, and with Facebook Credits. Camp buildings and building materials can also be purchased for Facebook Credits.

You can follow Hello Adventure’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.