How Webtrends Wears Its Facebook PMD Badges

Our series of question-and-answer posts about Facebook's preferred marketing developer program continues with Justin Kistner, director of social products at Webtrends, discussing the company's analytics offerings.

Our series of question-and-answer posts about Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program continues with Justin Kistner, director of social products at Webtrends, discussing the company’s analytics offerings.

When did Webtrends first become a preferred developer?

Webtrends first offered analytics to measure Facebook marketing in 2010 and it was later that year we became a preferred developer through the acquisition of Transpond.

An early adopter, Transpond had been developing on Facebook’s platform since it first launched in 2007. Adding that veteran talent to our own resources and talent is a big part of what has enabled us to become one of ten companies, out of over 230, to have three or more preferred badges.

What was the most recent certification that Webtrends got and what was the process for obtaining this badge?

Webtrends was already recognized for its apps, and has now added preferred status for Pages and Insights. To obtain these additional badges, we completed a survey that Facebook asked its PDC members to complete and gave them access to our software. Then, the Facebook team members logged into our technologies to verify our capabilities, which are evaluated on a quarterly basis.

How do you feel Webtrends compares to the other ten companies with three or more badges?

We are honored to be part of such an elite segment of the PMD and feel confident that we achieved this status because we combine an advanced, comprehensive offering with incredible industry talent.

Our biggest advantage in social is our performance social marketing methodology. By collaborating with our innovative customers, we have identified the four foundational best practices that allow companies to use social marketing to drive direct results such as lead generation, customer acquisition, and online purchases.

We are also one of the few in the group that extend beyond social marketing. With software developer kits covering more types of native apps and mobile sites than anyone else in the market, we have the most comprehensive analytics for mobile.

Our patented approach to website analytics is the most reliable, customizable, and scalable service in the world. Our optimize and real-time products allow companies to use A/B and multivariate testing, while measuring the results in real-time. Our most successful customers use these tools in concert to improve results across all digital touch points.

How does the PMD regrouping change the way Webtrends will do business going forward?

Facebook did a great job upgrading the programs by adding more nuance to the preferred status designation. It makes it much easier for our customers to understand our comprehensive offering as a differentiator from the pack of PMD vendors. The insights badge alone is nice to have because there are only 11 companies who have earned it.

Facebook did a smart thing by making the badges that you don’t have look empty. By using this gamification principle it encourages vendors to achieve all areas of preferred status. It makes choosing a marketing solution an easier process for brands across all industries.

While we’ve had Facebook ad management through Webtrends ads for a couple of years now, this provides a little extra nudge to get our ads offering to be at the preferred status level and be the second company to have all four badges.

What else would you like AllFacebook readers to know about Webtrends?

Webtrends is committed to being an innovator in the emerging spaces of social and mobile. We’re offering a program to leading edge brands that want to solve the hardest problems in digital marketing, such as understanding the how social campaigns can improve paid search campaigns and how to track when people engage with a campaign and don’t convert but can still drive their friends to act.

We also have some of the smartest minds in the industry and collaborate closely with our customers to develop the best programs possible. If you’re looking to solve problems like these, we’d love to hear from you!