Facebook: Wake Up!

I don’t mean to get carried away here but seriously, what the hell is Facebook doing? I think they left for vacation a couple weeks ago. I just got back from New York and the first thing I see is an article spelling the demise of Facebook. Honestly, I see Josh’s article as nothing more than an excellent piece of linkbait. The bottom line though is that Facebook is getting beaten up and they aren’t doing anything about it.

After talking with some large agency representatives tonight, I’m realizing that Facebook has been damaging their momentum with brands over the past week. One person that I spoke with informed me that a number of their larger clients were extremely hesitant about any advertising or marketing campaign that involves Facebook due to the negative press that has been going around. While this individual was convinced that the noise would die down, it was difficult for them to convince the client of that.

So what needs to be done? Robert Scoble made a few suggestions yesterday and I would heed his advice. Facebook needs to come out with some sort of official announcement in the coming days. Whether or not this was initially a PR disaster, the blogs have now effectively turned it into one and Facebook isn’t doing a damn thing.

If you work for Facebook, please do the following: get off your ass and do something! This is not going to just simply die down and at this point someone should be fired because no matter which way you spin it, this has been a huge mess up. It could have been squashed earlier but I suggest somebody does something about it now. Bear in mind, I am still a Facebook fan and an avid user. As a massive fan I like to root for the team that is making the right decisions. Keep on making them! Hope this doesn’t come off to harshly ūüôā

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