Facebook Users Are High On Drug Called Charlie Sheen

Facebook users are going crazy over the recent coverage of Charlie Sheen's intoxicated meltdown.

With his kids being taken from him, the launch of a Twitter account, and interviews flooding the web, Charlie Sheen’s intoxicated meltdown has become the latest viral craze on Facebook.
Whether it’s song remixes, excerpts from his interviews, or just posting status updates, Facebook users are absolutely enthralled with Sheen’s apparent breakdown. You can see some of the footage below:

Charlie Sheen has been doing interviews with practically every media outlet (unfortunately not with us) and will probably continue to do so until he’s either overdosed on drugs or has checked into a rehabilitation center — that’s our guess. One thing is clear: If you want to be full of win, you need to go get high on some of that drug called Charlie Sheen.