Facebook Users Against Fee, In Support Of Ads

An impressive 71 percent of social media users (primarily Facebook) are willing to accept advertising rather than pay a fee to use their favorite social networking site, according to a new AdReaction survey conducted by Dynamic Logic. The acceptability to advertising is so pervasive that even 66 percent of Twitter users were willing to tolerate ads on Twitter in return for the site remaining free for use.

The important fact to note here is that currently Twitter does not display any ads – however its users are already open for such an eventuality.

The survey revealed that more than 90 percent of social networking users in Australia notice ads on social sites, however, a whopping 64 percent believe that these ads don’t impact their social experience.

Brand Building Using Social Media

In regard to Brand building on Social Media, the survey found out that around 26 percent of the users visited a brand’s website at least once after seeing its ad on their social site, whereas around 12 percent went so far as to visit the brand on-store after viewing the ad.

Furthermore, around 17 percent of the social media users follow brands on their social networks, with 51 percent of these brand followers believing that a brand is more appealing it has a social media presence. For users who don’t follow a brand on social media sites, 28% held the view that having a social media presence increases the appeal of a brand.

According to Mark Henning, Director of Digital Solutions at Millward Brown, the survey provides brands with a strong argument to have a social media strategy:

The AdReaction survey confirms that consumers are accepting of advertising and brand presence on social networking sites and many consumers view brands as more appealing as a result.  These findings should give brands the confidence to establish a presence and begin testing the effectiveness of social networks.

A recent survey conducted by Forrester Research earlier this month reveals that brands are already taking notice of this shift in consumer behavior and have started to shift their ad spend from TV to Social Media sites. Forrester’s results showed that 77% of the largest advertisers in US would be moving their advertising budgets to Social Media from TV in 2010.