Facebook Urban Dictionary Trend Becomes Massively Viral

According to the latest craze on Facebook, this site’s editor is “the most amazing person alive with a huge penis”. Shocked? Don’t be as that’s what the latest craze on Facebook is all about. After the success of Facebook Bra Color week and Doppelgäanger week, we now have the Urban Dictionary week.

Urban Dictionary is a website that provides definitions to slangs and popular words in use amongst the masses. You wont find these words on Webster, since Webster does not deals with such informal words.

Facebook users are flocking to Urban Dictionary’s website to find the meaning of their name. While some definitions seem plausible, most of them are funny and entertaining stories about what the word means to masses. After finding the urban legend about their names, users are sharing it with their friends via status updates.

It is still unclear who started the trend or how it gained momentum, but one possible culprit could be the Urban Dictionary’s fan page itself. The most recent message on the fan page asks users to:

“Go to urbandictionary.com, type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the first entry for your name under comments.”

Since I had all the time in the world, I went to Urban Dictionary did exactly what Urban Dictionary is urging fans to do. Listed below are the slangs about the entire AllFacebook Team on Urban Dictionary:

Nick O’ Neill’s

  • Nick – the most amazing person alive with a huge penis
  • Bag of weed costing $5. Short for “Nickel”
  • to sleep with any girl that comes your way, regardless of looks…cause hey, you wanna f*ck, she’s there, and you’re drunk enough to do it.

Bilal Hameed

  • Bilal – 1.a giant three headed monster that magically goes to ducks games with their teacher and paints his chest green and acts like a total moron. Although he might not be acting.;
  • 2.An evil mutated siamese twin that was growing out of your torso and was surgically removed when you were 12 and know lives in a picnic basket and sneaks out at night to murder your girlfriends

Neil Vidyarthi

  • Neil – 1. to mean naked at an inappropriate time or place
  • 2. shouted out in a moment of zealousness in a crowded room

If you have want to have a few minutes of entertainment and hilarious revelations, head on to Urban Dictionary to find out what your First Name means. We surely had our laughs !!!.